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Nursery staff could be forced to have first aid training by summer

Sam Gyimah, childcare and education minister, has ordered a review of whether to introduce mandatory paediatric first aid training for all nursery employees, which could be enforced within months.

Read more by visiting our Parenta Childcare News http://bit.ly/1xKeJzH




@BMBillericay Passed their Ofsted Registration

A big congratulations to Banana Moon Billericay who have successfully passed their OFSTED registration visit so are planning to open their doors as soon as they receive their Ofsted Certificate.

Give them a call now to see how they can help with your childcare needs.


01277 651007


#3 Sleeps to go

Wow lots to do to get ready for the big day. The nurseries have been busy with; Carol Concerts, Nativity plays, Frozen themed parties, Christmas parties, Santa visits and many more.

Check out our Banana Moon Facebook page to find out what your local Banana Moon nursery has been up to.

Today and tomorrow the head office support team are auditing all their documents and getting organised ready for 2015.



#Bananamoon #Conference has begun!

Our annual 2015 Banana Moon Franchisee Conference has begun. Steve Felmingham one of the Directors for Banana Moon is on talking about the importance of Franchising and the Banana Moon Model.

All the suppliers are ready to showcase their services in 30 minutes.


2012 Franchise Exhibition

Only three days to go until the Franchise Exhibition Show at the NEC #NFE12

We will be there for two days, Friday 5th October 10am until 5pm and Saturday 6th October 10am until 4pm. We are on stand H230 so pop along to say hi and find out what our Nursery Franchise is all about.

You can get your free tickets via thebfa.org

5 toys to Make Out of Recyclable Items

Making toys out of recyclable items is a great way to create awareness for young children about preserving and protecting our environment. Not only are toys made out of recyclable safe to use but also cost-effective. Promoting recycled art amongst young children helps them conserve natural resources like paper, wood and glass. Allowing young children to participate in recyclable art activities enables them to appreciate and value ordinary items that create a great impact on our environment. Here are some interesting toys that can be easily made out of recyclable items and will help children to understand the importance of protecting the planet.


Image source: flickr.com

Tin Can Telephone

An age-old toy that uses recyclable cans and a string that serves as an engaging activity for young children. Simply puncture a ting hole in the end of an already used tin can, attach a string and connect it with another tin can. Your young ones will be engaged in endless entertainment that doesn’t cost a lot.


An Igloo Made Out Of Empty Milk Jugs

This might look like a time-consuming but when you include the kids it will turn to an enjoyable activity in no time. Collect as many empty milk jugs as you can, tell your young ones to ask friends and neighbours to save their cartons and give them to you and help speed up the process. Use an eco-friendly glue to attach them together once you have collected your desired number of jugs.


Blow Balloons Using An Empty Plastic Bottle

Looking to add some science to your ingenious recyclable art activities? Then look no further because this idea is simply fabulous and worth giving a try. Simply add some vinegar to the empty bottle and some baking soda to the balloon. Attach the balloon to the top of the bottle and watch as the balloon blows up through this creative science experiment. As the baking soda in the balloon comes in contact with the vinegar in the bottle, a chemical reaction takes place which helps to inflate the balloon. Always practice necessary safety guidelines before conducting such activities.


Create a Shoebox Guitar

Awaken the rock star in your young child by custom building a shoebox guitar which will help him show off his guitar skills to his friends at day care. All you need is an empty shoebox, a paper towel tube, popsicle stick and some rubber bands and you are all set to make a customised shoebox guitar for your little one. Simply cut out a whole in the middle of box and one at the top. Attach the paper towel tube and glue two popsicle sticks on the top side and one on the shoebox. Add the rubber bands to the box, all aligned in the middle of the hole created on the shoebox.


Make Some Maracas With Empty Kitchen Paper Rolls

These colourful and creative maracas are great homemade instruments which your little ones can enjoy while jamming to a beat. Simply add some rice crisps to the empty kitchen paper rolls and wrap them in vibrant wrapping sheets.


Get Creative

Getting creative and messy is something most children will enjoy so make a day out of it and invite playmates around to join in the fun. You can even hold a mini competition where each child brings three objects to transform and prizes are given at the end of the day for the most creative toys.

Written by Carly Garrett

Image Credits: FormerWMDriver

5 ways to help your apprentice succeed at your setting

We thought we would share with you a recent article written by Parenta, regarding helping apprentices to succeed.

Last year, the government recorded 123,000 apprentices starting work in the Health, Public Services and Care sector. And, whilst working in a childcare environment is an ideal job for many, some apprentices do not progress as well as they hoped in a setting and end up dropping out.

To read more of the Parenta article, please click the link: http://bit.ly/1Iu8XoJ


A Before and After Presentation- Banana Moon Hyde

Over the past couple of months Angela and Glenn our Franchisees from Hyde have been working very hard to get their doors open to the families of Hyde in Manchester.

With the support of the Management Team, they have put together the following slideshow presentation to showcase their before and after shots.

Please feel free to view the slideshow below and if you want to find out more, please feel free to contact them to arrange a viewing to see the transformation for yourself 0161 413 6400

slide show open day2


A big Merry Christmas from all at Banana Moon Day Nursery Ltd

 As the festival of Christmas fills cheers in our mind

We get mesmerised in the magic of Christmas
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!



A big Merry Christmas from all at Banana Moon Day Nursery Ltd.

A big welcome to the Brand new Banana Moon Nurseries

We are pleased to announce that Banana Moon; Harbury, Sheffield, St Albans and Wimbledon have all recently passed their Ofsted Registration!
They are awaiting their certificates which should be any day now and will be opening their doors very soon.
Check out their websites below to.

A Dominant Hand?

Is your child a lefty or a righty? Not the question high on every parent’s agenda but how important is it to encourage your child to try and use both hands.

We are as the ‘experts’ say, surrounded in a right-handed world, from scissors, to right handed mice and a nursery needs to be well resourced to accommodate children being able to have the freedom to use both of their hands.

Have you ever received a delivery and the driver automatically passes you the pen to your right hand or gone to the cinema and the drink cup holder is on the right?

Researchers have dictated that a foetus decides which hand their favour in the womb, others believe it is around the 18month mark, but it has been prove most children will swap hands throughout their early life until they reach school. They may favour one hand to paint with and another to cut with. But the child needs to have had the option in the first place. The freedom of choice and a well laid out environment will encourage a child to pick and choose and make a natural selection.

Parents and nurseries can help support this freedom by having left handed resources freely available within the room, encourage reading left to right and showing font ad text is written left to right.

There are believed to be 4 different types of handiness,

  • Right-handedness (or dextrality) – where people are more dextrous with, or primarily use, their right hand, about 90% of the population.
  • Left-handedness (or sinistrality) – where people are more dextrous with, or primarily use, their left hand when performing manual tasks. Around 10% population falls into this category, although only perhaps 3% are strongly left-handed (performing ALL activities with the left hand).
  • Mixed-handedness (or cross-dominance) – where people tend to perform different tasks better with different hands, e.g. someone may write with the left hand but throw balls with the right, etc this is
  • Ambidexterity – where people are able to perform any task equally well with either hand. True ambidexterity is very rare.


What ever hand you use or do not use, should not impair on your learning but the environment should adapt you.

Written By Becks Stewart

A professional juggler’s guide to working parenthood

For the working parent it can truly seem that even 48 hours in a day would never be enough. From pre-dawn rises to get the children ready for the day, to racing to day care and onto the slog through what can be a seriously challenging working day. Add to this exhausting routine a never ending schedule of social events and attempting to squeeze in even a modicum of me time, for the gym, seeing friends or just relaxing, and the outlook for the working parent seems decidedly tricky.

So just how can the working parent survive with a smile, and what’s more how can they get over the suggestion that despite all of their efforts, that they are somehow failing their children by working. In this guide, we find out.

Mother holding baby

Image source: pinterest.com


Let’s get straight to the point: Are you feeling a little guilty?

In today’s world there is so much pressure for the modern parent. From material items to undertaking the right disciplinary approach and onto the sticky issue of working parenthood.

All too many parents are feeling literally pulled in opposite directions: by the need or want to work, whether financial or through choice, and the guilt that is felt when leaving their children within a nursery or with a relative.

However it is here that we want to cut through the noise: it’s absolutely possible to be both a good employee and a good parent. And not only that, plenty of research argues that having a working parent can actually deliver a whole host of benefits for your child.

The many (many) benefits of working parenthood

For the working mother they can look forward to their little girl’s having a future freer from gender inequality, being more likely to have a job within a supervisory role and earning higher wages. As for their little boys they’re more likely to contribute to household chores and become more caring members of a family (Harvard Business School 2015). And, for the family who benefits from both a father and mother in work, there are obvious financial advantages.

On the flip side…

Of course with every line of research there is always plenty to counter it, and indeed there are plenty of studies that tout the benefits of children who have parents who don’t work, such as strength of bond, pace of early development and even doing better at school for children in high school (Stanford Business 2014).

For the working parent it’s then key to balance working life with the activities, time and attention that children require in order to reap the same benefits of stay at home parents.


Working parenthood: It needn’t be an impossible juggling act

1. Harness technology

Technology really can be the busy parent’s friend – from ordering groceries online to booking that doctors appointment and onto the seriously time saving benefits of internet banking. What’s more with family focussed apps with interactive calendars each parent can know one another’s appointments, meetings and social events, as well as older children’s extracurricular activities.

2. Meal plan as if your life depended on it

Eating healthily is essential for not only your children, but also for you and your energy levels. So map out a meal plan each week and pre-cook or freeze dinners during the weekend for super-fast and healthy meals after those exhausting days at work.

3. Reconsider your work life

Due to recent legislation employers are now legally obliged to consider working requests that would provide for a more flexible schedule and an easier life for the working parent, so consider whether different hours would be of benefit to you.

4. Make time for family time – and turn off the tech

Committing to certain ‘family-only’ time is essential for everything from family bonding to helping children complete their homework and progress in school. So commit to family time each day, and turn off the tech so that you’re not distracted!

5. Let go of the guilt, stress and focus upon perfection

Finally you must simply forget about the stress and quest for complete perfection: allow your home to become messy, don’t feel guilty about that one un-freshly prepared meal and enjoy the time that you have watching your child or children grow.


A helping financial hand for the hard working family

The benefits system is often considered something for those who are unemployed, however far from being solely for the unemployed, benefits are very often an essential helping hand from the hardworking parent or parents. Here’s a quick overview of what you may be entitled to:

1. Child Benefit

How much? £20.30 per week for the first child, £13.40 a week for subsequent children.

Who’s Eligible? Everyone, although there is a tax charge if you or your partner earns over £50,000.

2. Tax credits

How much? Depends – Up to £2010 per year

Who’s Eligible? Generally speaking family units, single or otherwise, who earn less than £26,000 per year

Other benefits, such as income support and housing benefit, may also be available according to circumstances. You can find out more over on the Benefits for Families section on Gov.uk.

Image Credits: pinterest.com

A Snapshot of the Day at Head Office (so far!!!)

The team have been ‘busy bees’ today, here is a snapshot so far:

  • confirming suppliers for our 2015 Franchisee Conference and Supplier Showcase (exciting!)
  • telephone interviews (we have some fantastic candidates for our new nurseries)
  • nursery support visits,
  • mock ‘Ofsted’ Inspections,
  • training / Seminar attendance
  • property viewings,
  • business plan writing
  • even a day’s annual leave for one team member
  • plus much more……

A Summer Fayre on a Sunny Day….

Banana Moon Day Nursery in Hatton held a very successful Summer Fayre on Sunday 31st August, raising money for Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice. The sun was shining and the children had lots of fun meeting Peppa Pig and Minnie Mouse, as well as the bouncy castle and face painting!!!

To view photos of the fun, please visit Banana Moon Hatton’s Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/BananaMoonHatton



Abacus Training is taking place….

At 9.30am this morning, our Training Manager Becks Stewart will be heading up her very popular Abacus training session.

It has become so popular that a larger sized training room has had to be booked for the event to take place. Using the @TheParentaGroup system along with her in -depth knowledge of how the system should be used, our Franchisees and their Management Teams will be having a very informative day.

If you want to be part of a supportive network of nurseries and be part of the Banana Moon World, please contact Julie at Head Office on 01926 338497 for further information on how to become a Banana Moon Day Nursery Franchisee :)

1. Welcome to Banana Moon World

It’s a great place to be – find out what makes our nurseries so popular with children and parents and learn how we’ve managed to generate exceptional growth. You could soon be a part of that.

2. Banana Moon Beginnings

It all started in 2006 when one of our directors struggled to find quality childcare – so he opened his own nursery! Offering excellent, affordable childcare in a home-from-home environment, Banana Moon was born.

3. The Business behind Banana Moon

Running a nursery doesn’t have to be hands-on – operating a Banana Moon Day Nursery is rewarding on many levels. The business is extremely profitable and can be structured to suit your financial and personal aims.

4. Location, location, location

Location is key and if you join us, we’ll help you to find the ideal property in the perfect location that fits your business plan. We’ll assist with design and layout, then perform a Feasibility Study.

5. The journey from build to launch

We’ll help to give your nursery that ‘wow’ factor and see you through to your first Open Day. Our marketing and in-house recruitment teams will pull out all the stops to get you started in style.

6. Getting stuck in

Once your nursery is open, your role will vary depending upon how involved you wish to be. We’ll advise you on regulatory staffing requirements and required roles and you can see where your skills best fit.

7. We only succeed if you succeed

We’re here to help you in your venture, so you can develop your business and generate income as quickly as possible. We’ll ensure that your business matches your ambitions and grows at your desired pace.

8. What’s in the Banana Moon Franchise Package?

Well, everything you need to get your nursery off the ground as quickly and easily as possible. The full package is available for £47,500, followed by a monthly fee of 9.5% of the total monthly sales income.

9. Buying into Banana Moon

Our franchisees typically invest between £120k and £180k (not including property purchase or rental costs), meaning you should have £60k ‘liquid’ capital reserves before applying for a franchise, with remaining funding from the bank.

10. What you can expect to achieve

To indicate your possible performance, turnover of smaller nurseries is around £240k with a net profit of around £50k per year. Larger settings can reach over £1m turnover with a net profit of around £200k.

11. Could you soon be a Franchisee?

If Banana Moon sounds like the business for you, please get in touch. We can show you first-hand how the business works, so you can experience how it feels to be part of Banana Moon World.