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1. Welcome to Banana Moon World

It’s a great place to be – find out what makes our nurseries so popular with children and parents and learn how we’ve managed to generate exceptional growth. You could soon be a part of that.

2. Banana Moon Beginnings

It all started in 2006 when one of our directors struggled to find quality childcare – so he opened his own nursery! Offering excellent, affordable childcare in a home-from-home environment, Banana Moon was born.

3. The Business behind Banana Moon

Running a nursery doesn’t have to be hands-on – operating a Banana Moon Day Nursery is rewarding on many levels. The business is extremely profitable and can be structured to suit your financial and personal aims.

4. Location, location, location

Location is key and if you join us, we’ll help you to find the ideal property in the perfect location that fits your business plan. We’ll assist with design and layout, then perform a Feasibility Study.

5. The journey from build to launch

We’ll help to give your nursery that ‘wow’ factor and see you through to your first Open Day. Our marketing and in-house recruitment teams will pull out all the stops to get you started in style.

6. Getting stuck in

Once your nursery is open, your role will vary depending upon how involved you wish to be. We’ll advise you on regulatory staffing requirements and required roles and you can see where your skills best fit.

7. We only succeed if you succeed

We’re here to help you in your venture, so you can develop your business and generate income as quickly as possible. We’ll ensure that your business matches your ambitions and grows at your desired pace.

8. What’s in the Banana Moon Franchise Package?

Well, everything you need to get your nursery off the ground as quickly and easily as possible. The full package is available for £47,500, followed by a monthly fee of 9.5% of the total monthly sales income.

9. Buying into Banana Moon

Our franchisees typically invest between £120k and £180k (not including property purchase or rental costs), meaning you should have £60k ‘liquid’ capital reserves before applying for a franchise, with remaining funding from the bank.

10. What you can expect to achieve

To indicate your possible performance, turnover of smaller nurseries is around £240k with a net profit of around £50k per year. Larger settings can reach over £1m turnover with a net profit of around £200k.

11. Could you soon be a Franchisee?

If Banana Moon sounds like the business for you, please get in touch. We can show you first-hand how the business works, so you can experience how it feels to be part of Banana Moon World.