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Why hiring an apprentice in a nursery is so valuable

Hiring an apprentice is brilliant for nurseries. They are eager to learn and develop their skills and work in a rewarding environment. Furthermore, they are the next generation of early years professionals. The sector has been experiencing a continual recruitment crisis, a survey from the early year’s alliance found, and apprentices are the next wave that could help combat this. An apprentice also gives a nursery the opportunity to help someone grow and, in turn, help the nursery grow.

Throughout the Banana Moon network, many of our nurseries have apprentices, we looked at a few to get their thoughts on what it is like for them.

Banana Moon Day Nursery in Kingsbury

Banana Moon Day Nursery in Kingsbury currently has one apprentice, Beth. Manager Amy shared her thoughts on what it is like having beth and some of the benefits Beth gets.

Amy also commented on our chosen partner for apprenticeships, The Childcare Company.

” I have worked closely with The Childcare Company which is who Beth is doing her apprenticeship with, and they have sent over lots of really good ideas, and lots of things for me to fill out and lots of tips and tricks for me to help Beth. What they give us is very valuable and the help they give apprentices in Early years is great.”

Banana Moon Day Nursery in Baddesley Ensor

Currently, they have Amy, Yvie, and Kim completing their Level 3 apprenticeship. When asking them about their experience they said:

“the best part was having hands-on experience alongside gaining a higher level qualification. Through Banana Moon, our confidence has grown and we have been shown what it really is like to work in a Nursery environment. We enjoy the support that we are given at Nursery and the scheduled time to complete our coursework. Being a key person helps us to understand the link between theory and practice that we are taught. Also being part of such a friendly and supportive team has really helped complete tasks that are set, we never feel like we’re an inconvenience and are completely part of the Banana Moon Family”

Banana Moon Day Nursery in Walsall

Becky, Nursery Manager at Banana Moon Day Nursery in Walsall not only has experienced putting her staff through an apprenticeship but also through completing her own. Here’s what she had to say:

“We have had a very positive experience with apprentices here at Banana Moon Walsall, we have had a mixture of both young and mature candidates. I feel that this was the right mix. Having apprentices within the setting allows us to grow and develop the next generation of early years professionals while allowing them to earn, learn and gain valuable experience to take them through their careers. As an early years manager, having apprentices allows me to share my enthusiasm and passion with them, and this isn’t always something that you are able to see or gain when going to do your course at college.

Personally, I am also completing a course with the childcare company which is my level five in operational management. The support which you receive is brilliant, nothing is ever too much trouble, with around-the-clock support. ”

What to do if you want to take on an apprentice

For all of your apprenticeship needs, The Childcare Company is our chosen provider. They work closely with our network and deliver all a nursery and apprentice needs.


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