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Bringing the fun from nursery back home

Weekends, school holidays, and bank holidays are perfect for spending time as a family, but sometimes it can be hard to come up with things to do. Not only do we want an activity that is fun, but something that furthers our children’s development.  At Banana Moon Day Nurseries we have a bespoke curriculum that promotes children’s imagination and free play. Here are some great ideas of how you can bring Banana Moon home and continue the fun into those precious moments as a family.

Nature walks

Why not go on a fun nature walk, you can visit your local woods, fields, or just a walk along the canal, if you have one close by. Look out for various things around you, the colours of the leaves, the shapes of leaves, and the sounds you can hear. You can talk about, the animals you can see and what they might eat, how it feels to be outside and the colours you can see in one space. Motor skills can also be tested when you go on a walk. Climbing over a log or crawling under a branch, your child is testing what they can do with their body. When you are on your walk make sure you look out for puddles, they are great fun to jump in (and we love doing so at nursery too!)

Toddler engaging with outdoor play


When the weather isn’t good and a day inside is inevitable, why not make playdough! What we love about playdough is there are endless possibilities of what a child could make. Let their creative side come out and make whatever they want.

You will need:
1 cup of warm water
1 cup of salt
2 teaspoons of vegetable oil
3 cups of flour
2 tablespoons of cornflour
food colouring
Add everything to a bowl and mix well
Why not make some edible playdough too, this would be great for any little ones who can’t help popping things into their mouths.

Little female child wearing polka dot dress sitting at table with her parents making simple models using play dough

Making memories

Time with family is all about making memories. When your child comes back from a holiday or a day trip, we speak about it in Banana Moon Day Nursery. All the other children get to hear about what it was like and how your child felt. It is great for building their communication with each other. Maybe a trip to the seaside for the first time might spark a conversation about what lives in the sea, or a day out to a theme park might get everyone talking about their feelings. The possibilities are endless.

Happy blonde toddler child waving at the camera as he rides on a carousel in an amusement park by the sea.

There are plenty of great activity ideas on Day out with the kids . 


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