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We have a staff of highly trained professionals who are more than happy to assist you with anything you might want to discuss. Call us today and a member of the team will readily answer all of your questions. We usually reply to our emails within 24 hours, so feel free to contact us by email if you prefer.

“We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our winning team of successful daycare businesses.”

Mark Bates

Managing Director

Mike Bates


Carly Garrett

Franchise Operations Manager

Emma Grieve

Directors PA

Lisa Bennett

Quality Improvement Officer

Cheryl Freeman

Quality Improvement Advisor

Kat Wilson

Quality Improvement Advisor

Vickie Taylor-Bryant

Quality Improvement Advisor

Miranda Charles

Quality Improvement Advisor

Craig Stanley

Quality Improvement Advisor

Such is the paradox in which process-based writing teachers find themselves, and such are the “either/or propositions” in which we are caught, whether the debate they define be public, private, or internal. The Victorian era has come and gone but with the enduring effect of having established its predecessors as “Romantics.” So we are called by some whenever we choose Scylla over Charybdis, however we phrase it, whether we opt for a “student-centered classroom” of nonjudgmental peer response or otherwise leave our students writing without a teacher’s repressive force; so are we called by others whenever we give students license to define for themselves, in Solsken’s words, “who they are and who they are becoming” (2). Source from that over and over we find ourselves made to take a “Romantic” position in a debate of binary oppositions, the terms of which have been defined by our “Victorian” colleagues, including the central term and subject at stake, the student “self.” Viewed from either side, that “self” remains seen as a font of irrepressible drives toward self-expression to be or not to be checked by the counterforces of audience and outside authority, and by the durable defenses of academic discourse — in the case of us process-based teachers, not to be checked. But having left the polarities intact, we also leave the impression that, left to their own devices, our students would indeed write only naively “personal” pieces about family and self. Worse, we leave ourselves, as their instructors, with the single unsatisfying (and, again, often doubt-ridden) choice of withdrawing from rather than frustrating those we mean to instruct.

Amanda Phillips

Quality Improvement Advisor

Tom Rogers

Accounts Manager

Josh Smallwood

Franchise Operations Advisor

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Operating a Banana Moon Day Nursery franchise is rewarding on so many different levels. Without doubt the business is extremely profitable, but there’s so much more to it than that…

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