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I n the moonlight is a chance for us to shine a light on the people who make up Banana Moon.

This week we spoke with one of our Nursery Manager for Banana Moon Day nursery in Dyce and winner of the Over the Moon Award 2021.

When I was younger, I was a Latin and Ballroom dancer and competed all over Scotland and even at Blackpool Winter Gardens. Myself and my sister even appeared on Brittan’s got talent! My grandparents were dance teachers and my love of dance stemmed from them. I helped them teach children’s classes when I was in my teens but never saw it as something I would pursue as a career.

At 16 I left school with the ambition to become a nurse on a paediatric ward. I had been accepted onto a course but had a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel which I didn’t want to pass up, so I chose to follow my heart and not start the course. Looking back now it was a great decision as it put me onto this path.

After I returned from traveling, I looked for a job while I decided what I wanted to do and applied for a nursery role.

S oon after I started at the nursery and found I really loved interacting with the children and helping them grow. Learning more and developing myself was something I became passionate about. I started my level 2 qualification, then my level 3 soon after that which I completed within 2 years. I had worked my way up to a supervisor in this time, but I was still curious at what else there was for me.

One of the parents at the nursery approached me with a job proposition of becoming their full-time nanny to their two children, which sounded like the change I was after. I accepted and found myself loving my new role. When baby number 3 arrived 6 months later, I was given a whole new learning challenge. I had only worked with pre-schoolers prior to this but jumped at the opportunity to learn more. After 2 1/2 years being a nanny, and with a lot of experience under my belt, I was contacted by Will, another parent from my previous nursery. He had always said he would open a nursery of his own and was now doing so and he offered me a deputy managers role. Although I loved being a Nanny, I also missed being involved in so many children’s development, so I accepted. From first plans through to opening the doors for the first time, I was involved with it all.

After a few months the manager at the time left on maternity and I became acting Manager, she then moved to Texas, and I was offered the position full time! 6 years later I am still here and I love my job. I have funded myself through my level 4 qualification and also completed my degree in childhood practice alongside my job and have still been able to make meaningful change here at Dyce. I love Banana Moon and the support I provided over my time here. Having access to all the nurseries, nursery management teams and the QAO’s gives me support when I need it. Its unlike any other nursery I have worked in or have spoken to others about. My passion for putting children and parents first is echoed through everything at Banana Moon and It makes me even more passionate to do more. I want to help people grow and am looking at completing an assessor qualification so I can help train our staff here at Banana Moon Day Nursery in Dyce to be better versions of themselves.

Outside of work I love weight lifting and my PB for a back squat is 93KG, or(on occasion) our director Will! It is my hour of time in the day where I can switch off and focus on myself. Although I hung up my dancing shoes at 18 you will still find me doing a jive on the dance floor or a waltz with my grandad from time to time too!”

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