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At Banana Moon Nurseries, we encourage making the world a better place for our children. Not only do we want to help the planet, but make what we do something that furthers our children’s development. We look at activities and events that will be beneficial to our children, making the world better for them as they grow but also helping them understand how to look after the world moving forward.

Planting Trees

To celebrate the queen’s platinum jubilee, Banana Moon Day Nursery in West Bromwich have been planting trees! Trees are vital for keeping the planet healthy. Tree’s take the carbon dioxide from the planet and produce oxygen. This means the more trees we have the better air we breathe. Tree’s also provide so many homes for animals that make up our eco system.

“Once our trees have established and grown a little we are also looking to donate some of them to one of our local primary schools as part of their forest school area which they have invited the children from our nursery to use.” – Melissa Oldbury, Deputy Nursery Manager.

Muddy Moons

In Banana Moon Day Nursery in Kingsbury Muddy Moons has become a firm favorite of the children. They learn all about the world they live in and the animals they share it with. This gives the children a chance to explore the world with the help of an adult who can help explain what an animal is and how it can help.

Outdoor play

Our nurseries use outdoor spaces to help further the development of the children. Outdoor play can help a child with fine motor skills. Take a look at what Banana Moon Day Nursery in Bromley have been up to in their garden, creating potions out of the materials they find in the garden.
This helps their motor skills as they pick up the objects and practice pouring the liquid into the other containers.
To find out other ways you can get your child involved with saving the earth read here.

So, at such a critical age of learning and understanding, we will always ensure your child is finding out about the wonderful world they live in and the amazing people they share it with.

For more information and a list of resources please click here.

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