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We have been speaking to franchisees regarding the current situation around rising costs. We are mindful that utility bills will soon be rising again, and this will no doubt stretch finances even further. The BBC reported on Monday 15th August that many nurseries were having to close their doors with the Early Years Alliance claiming that “the sector was facing its worst crisis in recruitment and cost increases in 20 years.” (

While there is nothing we can do to prevent rising costs, there are a few things we can consider to help keep costs down.

So what can you do to keep costs down?

Firstly, you should check your utility tariffs so that you are prepared for any rises.

Next, you can look at the ways your nursery uses energy, and work with the management team to see if any savings can be made. Below are some things to look at:

  • As the cooler weather approaches and the heating is switched back on check that you have an efficient boiler with a good energy rating
  • Encourage staff not to have the thermostat set higher than 22°C
  • Check that your light bulbs are energy-saving ones and replace them if they aren’t
  • Find and stop any drafts, if cold air is coming in, then warm air will be going out
  • Check what sort of insulation your building has and search for any government-funded schemes to improve this if needed
  • Don’t wash bedding/face cloths etc. until there is a full load, and use the most economical setting on the machine
  • If the washing machine is old, consider replacing it with a more efficient energy-rated one
  • If you use a dishwasher, only put it on when it is full
  • Only use the tumble dryer when absolutely necessary
  • Turn off everything that can be turned off before you leave for the day, leaving things on stand-by will consume energy

Hopefully, these ideas will be helpful in finding some ways to reduce your costs, if you have any other ideas please do feel free to share them with us.

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